We thank you for donating the funds for chickens at Mama Jane’s. The money raised will be enough to sustain her program for a long time.

The funds will be used to purchase chicks, for feed and medical care as well. The chickens will produce enough eggs to feed the children as well as generate income by selling eggs as well.

Carmela HladkiAnthony Lisanti24
James Hock Sr.His Grandson Scott2
Diane & RussHappy 64th Anniversary Mom & Pop10
Lynda & Dan MulesBanner Watson10
Kate & John WillisHappy 64th Anniversary Mom & Pop5
Uncle Adam SheaHappy Birthday Ben2
Diane & RussHappy Birthday Mike10
G & PopHappy Birthday Ben10
Aunt Kate & Uncle JohnHappy Birthday Ben5
Tracy HoughtonDickie Connolly2
The Solomon FamilyEric's Adoption4
Ashley & Brian SoutherlyBen’s Birthday4
Nordstrom FamilyThe Kids at Mama Jane's12
Laura & Jim HasbrouckThe Kids at Mama Jane's5
The Task ForceHappy Birthday Mags20
Aunt Di & Uncle RussSure do Miss Our Birthday Boy10
Katie & Brian BendenBeau Benden1
Molly & John DeiseHappy Birthday Scott3
Sarah, Chris & Tyler StrombergHappy Birthday Scott1
Jamie, Brian & Brooke StrombergHappy Birthday Scott. We miss you!5
Julie ShahanScott's Birthday3
Diane & Russ Pop Willis10
Mary WilliamsGrandmother Mary Joseph2
Kathy & John Willis Scott & Pop Willis10
Jim Doherty Scott's Birthday1
Marybeth Jason Her sister, Karen Rosenblatt1
Diane & Russ Sr. Paul McGonagle5
Meredith & Barry Geisler Marian G. Krugman5
Olivia & James BoddickerKen Charipar3
Olivia & James BoddickerDolly Boddicker3
Olivia & James BoddickerBus Boddicker3
Olivia & James BoddickerBob Boddicker3
Olivia & James BoddickerBull Boddicker3
Susan Sinclair2
Barb & Jim HockDiane's Birthday10
Diane & RussHappy Birthday Julie10
Theresa & Jerry ScottOur Grandson Micah10
Barb & Jim HockSam Lennon1
Susan SkilesHappy Birthday Diane10
   Total: 240 Chickens