Shoes that Grow


Lack of shoes is a major problem in Africa.  Children often get parasites and diseases when they do not wear shoes.  Those that have shoes, quickly outgrow them.   Kenton Lee developed “Shoes That Grow.”   The shoes adjust by moving the straps in three main places – the toe, the heel and the sides.  

The shoes are made from high quality rubber and leather last for five years and grow five sizes.             

We reached our goal of 200 pair of shoes on July 24, 2018.  Jeremy Walsh, Julie Wheeler and the people at Simply Referable Team of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Ellicott City, MD donated the final 39 pairs needed.  We ordered and received 200 pair of shoes to give to children during our trip to Africa in October.  Once the children at Mama Jane's, Rafiki and Shades of Hope School have shoes, we will venture out into the community to distribute shoes to the poorest of children.  Thank you to the following people that have donated shoes.

Simply Referable Team of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Elliott City MDTheir Clients 39
James N. Hock, Sr.Benson - our Rafiki scholar 1
James N. Hock, Sr.Barbara Hock- Mother's Day2
Willis, Hock & SheaBarbara Hock-Mother's Day 4
Willis, Hock & SheaSusanne & Roz Healy 2
Willis, Hock & SheaSara & Mary Margaret Stepanian 2
Willis, Hock & SheaHelen Romanoli Davis & Terry Romanoli2
Marion WillisThe children in Africa 7
Mary Ann LynchScott Willis 2
James N. Hock, Sr.The children in Africa 3
Doris MarshallGeorge Marshall 7
Willis, Hock & Shea Pop Hock-Father's Day 4
Willis, Hock & Shea Scott Willis 4
Solomon FamilyPop Hock-Father's Day 3
Barb & Jim HockRuss Shea-Happy Birthday 4
Barb & Jim HockKate Willis-Happy Birthday 4
Brian, Jamie & Brooke StrombergPop Hock–Father’s Day 1
Marion WillisScott and Pop Willis 7
John P. WillisScott and Pop Willis 10
Angelina Taylor Susanne Healy and Edward L. Healy III 20
Susan SkilesConnor Austin 20
Lisa & Mike Boddicker The children of Africa 10
Brian, Jamie & Brooke Stromberg Scott Willis 1
James N. Hock, Sr. Scott Willis 4
Molly Deise The children of Africa 1
Mary Margaret Stepanian, Roz Healy and Terry Romanoli Russ Shea's birthday 13
Susan Brown Bonnie Wohlfort's 60th birthday 3
Kelly "Suzy" Azevedo Scott Willis 10
Wyatt & Hayden Willis In memory of their Dad 4
Bonnie & Phil Wohlfort Scott Willis 3
Therese & Jim Workmeister Scott Willis 3
   Total: 200 Pairs