It’s a dirty job – but someone has to do it! Our partner in Tanzania, Kundael, just completed the beautiful NASA Nursery school in an extremely poor region in Tanzania.  The school was funded by 2 of his safari clients. The cost to bring clean water to the school soared when drilling nearby was unable to produce a well.   His clients are paying the extra costs to bring in concrete tanks and pumps but now cannot cover the cost of providing toilets.  Kundael asked the Scott Willis Legacy Foundation if we could help.   Without this school, these 4-5 year old children would need to walk 12 km (over 7 miles) each way to school.  Their teacher, Eveline, is donating her time to help these children as education is the key to escaping poverty.

We are launching the “CAN YOU GIVE A CRAP CAMPAIGN” to help fund the $7000 needed to provide these children with toilets.  We hope you will “GIVE A CRAP” and help us.    We have a list of items needed.  For as little as $1.00 you can buy a brick or as much as $400 you can have a toilet stall or urinal stall named for you or a friend or loved one.  A local artist will be painting each of the stalls with the name you request (i.e. Patty’s Potty, Terry’s Toilet or Charlie’s Choo – which is the Swahili word for toilet).  Be creative!  If you don’t “GIVE A CRAP” what items we purchase with your funds, please donate as unrestricted.  Your donation will appear on our website.   If you donate in honor or memory of someone, we will send you a card for you to send that person or family saying either “I GAVE A CRAP” or “WE GAVE A CRAP.”

Randy McIlwaine, donated the artwork.  He is a renowned book illustrator and cartoon artist that has appeared in numerous publications including Reader’s Digest and Mad Magazine.  Graphic Artist Heather Connors adapted his artwork for our project. We hope you “GIVE A CRAP” and help!  Asante Sana