Lisa and Mike Boddicker and their family and friends have raised the funds to provide clean water to the children at Shades of Hope School in Tanzania.   Shades of Hope School was able to tap into the government water system.   The Lenten Project also provided two 5000 liter holding tanks to insure the children will always have clean water.  


The water has been connected to the brand new “Sara’s Kitchen” at Shades of Hope, which was funded by the SWLF and will be dedicated in Sara Stepanian’s  memory when we travel there in May.   The water has also been connected to the sanitation system of the school to provide running water for the toilets.

The impact clean water is far-reaching as these children’s families, as well as people in the community will now have access to the water as well.


We are sure you know many of the facts.  Over a billion people in the world live without access to clean water.   Five million people die unnecessarily each year because of illness related to the lack of potable water and half of them are children under the age of five – one child dies from lack of clean water every twelve seconds.  People with water-borne diseases occupy more than 50% of the hospital beds across the world. Clean water is something all of us in the United States take for granted. 

Because of this project, a school and its surrounding community have clean water.   The children were so excited to watch the construction and now are even more excited to drink the water that flows from the pipes into the school.  This project would not be possible without the love and financial support of the following people who so graciously donated:

Lisa and Mike Boddicker

Bill and Brenda Brecht

Gary and Annette Cridlebaugh

Gary and Mary Charipar

Dean and Chris Schulte

Curt and Karen Woods

Patricia Charipar

Eric and Stephanie Fournier

Anita Fournier