Shades of Hope

Shades of Hope is a school that educates children from vulnerable backgrounds who would otherwise be unable to attend school.   They currently have 90 children in grades Pre-K, Kindergarten and First Grade.  They will expand each year with an additional year so the children will not need to leave the school.  We visited the school 3 times on this past trip and we are so impressed with the both the love and care each child receives in addition to an education.

This visit, we dedicated Sara’s Kitchen in memory of Sara Stepanian. It is painted in Sara’s favorite color, yellow. It feeds the 90 children as well as staff perhaps the only meal they will eat that day. Two students, Sara and Richard, help with the dedication. The kitchen now has clean water thanks to the Boddicker-Charipar Water Project.

When we visited in May/June, four new families asked to sponsor children and the SWLF now supports 11 of the 14 children that live there full-time. Kim, Matt, Peyton and Riley welcomed Yvonne into their family. Suzy, Tom and Luke Azevedo welcomed Elisha. Carmela and Becky and their families welcomed Richard Patrick as well. Mollie & Joe continue to support the 3 brothers that we originally met during our visit to Rafiki. Shadreck, Yohanna and Lawrence are all thriving at Shades of Hope. Brady and Brianna continue to support Elishadai. Susan met Lulu, who she supports, during this visit. Anna and Rick are providing an education for Najima. Najima is a child with medical needs. The Wohlfort Family is supporting Baraka. Baraka can’t wait to meet Brooke and her new cousins one day. Kate, John and the Willis grandchildren continue to support Hamima. She is such a special part of their family and Kate was thrilled to introduce John to her during our last trip.

All of these children come from extremely vulnerable situations.  They literally would be living on the street without the love and support from Steve and James, the 2 amazing gentlemen that operate the school.   We appreciate the donations to help the school from the following:

Sara’s Kitchen

Sara’s Kitchen

Boddiker Charipar Project'

Boddiker Charipar Project'


Shades of Hope operates on a shoe string budget. We are grateful to everyone who helped provide a uniform for a child in need. We were able to send funds to purchase 11 uniforms. Asante Sana.

    DONOR        IN HONOR OR MEMORY OF:          QUANTITY      
Diane HockKatie Benden’s Birthday1
Mike ConnorsThe Children at Shades of Hope1
Annette Cridlebaugh Graham & Reese Darby2
Annette Cridlebaugh Isabella, Margaret & Eleanor O'Shea3
Annette Cridlebaugh Jack, Tommy, Caroline and Kate Boddicker4



On Valentine’s Day, we asked you to share your love with a child in need. This “Heart of Hope” features the children at Shades of Hope. Because of your kindness, we were able to provide over 10 weeks of meals for the children at Shades of Hope. Thank you!

    IN HONOR OF:       HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY FROM:         #/DAYS:     
Roz HealyDi & Russ1
Terry RomanoliDi & Russ1
Mary Margaret StepanianDi & Russ1
Victoria DavisDi & Russ1
Julie FerberG & Pop1
Julie & Tom KellerThank you! Di1
Bonnie WohlfortGreg Wohlfort1
The Children of Shades of HopeVictoria Davis2
Her Parents Mollie Bracigliano 2
   Total: 11 Days
    IN HONOR OF:        HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY FROM:         #/WEEKS:      
The Children of Shades of HopeSteve Carman1
Barb & Jim HockDi & Russ1
Mark & WendyDi & Russ1
Scott WillisKate and John WillIs1
Scott and Pop Willis Kelly & Tom Azevedo1
Gerald D. Scott Jr Kathy, John, Diane & Russ1
Ed and Susanne HealyAngie Taylor1
Sara and SusanneRoz and Mags1
Their Son Gerry Theresa & Gerald Scott 1
   Total: 9 Weeks